Coaching Packages

Freedom From Chronic Pain Course

  • Course Registration fee: $300, payment plan options are available. ;  (Cards and cash accepted in person)
  • Each participant must have the curable app (curable charges $15 a month) and a device where you can engage regularly with the app. (a smart phone, tablet, or computer will work)
  • Optional Investment: Four-month VIP Coaching relationship with Michelle. Participants may choose to take the deep dive into improving their health by receiving individual life coaching over a four month period. An additional fee of $500 includes up to six additional one-on-one 55-minute coaching sessions, with emails between sessions as needed.
  • Course Registration Form is due at least one week prior to the first group meeting. All cohorts are limited to 6 participants to encourage individual learning and healing progress.


2019 Life Coaching Packages

***packages being offered at half price for 2019 only***

  • All packages include:
    • Free initial conversation.
    • In person (or on Zoom) life coaching for 60 minutes per session.
    • One additional 10 minute trouble-shooting call each month, if needed.
    • Unlimited email inquiries, if needed.
  • Package #1: 6 coaching sessions for 6 months. $890 USD   $445 USD
  • Package #2: 10 coaching sessions for 12 months. $1490 USD   $745 USD
  • Package #3: 12 coaching sessions for 6 months. $1990 USD  $995 USD
  • Payment options
    • Please pay in full after your free initial session. If needed, we can set up monthly payments.
    • I receive payment via Paypal or Venmo. Please know there is an additional 3% processing fee when paying with Paypal.

I consider it a joy and a privilege to coach clients just like you, people ready to connect with their true selves and live into their full potential. So let’s get started!

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