Course Description

The Freedom from Chronic Pain Course 

A seven week group learning experience meeting in person or via online video chat.

The Freedom from Chronic Pain Course is a group learning experience which introduces participants to a new path for healing from chronic pain and other conditions. Each course will consist of a cohort of six participants who have various issues with chronic pain and other conditions. Journeying through life with chronic pain can be very isolating–so let’s walk through your healing journey together! Join the next cohort to begin your new path into freedom from pain alongside classmates who understand your health struggles, while learning from a life coach who has healed from decades of chronic pain and other conditions. 

The information you will learn has the potential to change the trajectory of your health. I will guide you through a variety of resources that will teach you how to begin healing from chronic pain. These include instructional videos, podcast episodes, personal healing testimonies, as well as experiential exercises–all from the doctors and practitioners who taught me how to heal my pain. All of these resources share the same truth: your pain can be unlearned.

This course will give you the opportunity to utterly transform your health, but it will require you to put in the work to do it. You will get out of this course only as much as you’re willing to put into it. Through it, you will take complete responsibility for your own learning and healing by committing to daily effort made towards improving your personal health. Don’t worry, I will teach you how.

This course is about taking charge of your health and listening to and caring for your mind and body. It will take full personal engagement to make a lasting impact on your life, and it will be so worth it. This is work only you can do, but you don’t have to do it in isolation! 

Some of the wealth of resources and experiences you’ll gain through this course include:

  • Individual and group experiences with a life coach who has healed from decades of chronic pain.
  • Personalized learning tailored to your specific chronic pain or condition and your personal story.
  • Mindfulness exercises to help you learn to listen to your body.
  • Instruction and exercises on the mind body connection, that help you discover the underlying issues that cause your pain.
  • Instruction on how perfection, the drive to succeed or be good, people pleasing, and control can keep you stuck in cycles of body pain.
  • Understanding how your brain, without your awareness, automatically goes into protective mode to keep you safe, which causes very real chronic pain.
  • Becoming aware of the triggers in your mind and body that increase your pain.
  • Learning to use healing practices to relieve the cycle of tension built up in your body. 
  • Learning to say no to your pain and begin to take back your health.

This course includes:

  • Weekly 90-minute group sessions which include:
    • Instruction on the essentials needed to heal from chronic pain
    • Group discussion of new learning
    • Introduction to new healing practices 
    • Group interaction about homework or healing practices from previous week. 
    • In-person or online sessions that give you the accountability you need in order to heal.
  • Three individual 55-minute coaching sessions with Michelle. Sessions should be scheduled at the beginning, middle and end of the seven week course. See for scheduling. 
  • Each participant commits to weekly healing practices introduced by the life coach. These can include but aren’t limited to:
    • Daily Body Listening
    • Commitment to being gentle and kind to yourself (essential to healing)
    • Daily Body Calming Activity
    • Daily Mind Calming Activity 
    • Weekly Expressive Writing Exercises 
    • Weekly Brain retraining exercises
  • Commitment to using the Curable App* 3 times a week. (includes some of the healing practices above)
  • Each participant will keep a weekly log or journal to chart their activities or progress.
  • Email interaction with group and life coach available during the course, as needed.
  • Optional: 10-minute phone calls with life coach during the week between sessions (up to three total calls for the duration of the course)
  • Each cohort participant will commit to creating a community of kindness, generosity and complete confidentiality within your cohort in order to create a safe environment where everyone can learn and improve their health.

*The Curable App is an invaluable tool for your healing journey that includes pain-science education, meditations for chronic pain, expressive writing exercises (a vital part of your healing), as well as exercises to retrain your brain to help reverse your symptoms. You will need an electronic device to access the app (smart phone, tablet, or computer). The app charges $15 a month, which you will pay for when you download the app. 

Course Logistics:

  • Course Registration Form is due at least one week prior to the first group meeting. All cohorts are limited to 6 participants to encourage individual learning and healing progress.
  • Course Registration Fee of $300 must be paid one week prior to the first group meeting. Payment plan options are available, if needed.
  • Each participant must have the curable app (curable charges $15 a month) and a device where you can engage regularly with the app. (a smart phone, tablet, or computer will work)
  • Optional (extra cost): Four-month VIP Coaching relationship with Michelle. Participants may choose to take the deep dive into improving their health by receiving individual life coaching over a four month period. An additional fee of $500 includes up to six one-on-one 55-minute coaching sessions, with emails between sessions as needed.

Connect with me directly with any questions or for more information.