IMG_4293As a life coach, creative writer and poet, I am passionate about coming alongside clients who want to make a difference in their world through connecting more deeply with their true selves and purpose. There are precious parts of you that are ready to be invited more fully into your life, hidden jewels deep inside. Your giftedness, personality, strengths, even weaknesses, all of these have treasures to give you as you learn to live in your fullest and truest self.

One of the best places to mine for those treasures is right inside of your story. In coaching, we will listen to your story, with all of its exciting twists and turns, and you will uncover your treasure trove. Are you ready for your power to be unlocked and unleashed as you bring all of yourself forward into the life you’ve always wanted?

I know these things are true for you, because I have experienced it for myself. For more than twenty years I suffered from daily chronic pain and fatigue among other frustrating symptoms and diagnoses. In recent years, I began to understand the basics of mind body medicine and began practices that positively affect my body, emotions and soul. Through these practices, and much prayer, I was healed of my chronic illnesses.  

The tools that helped me heal are the gems that I bring into the life coaching experience. Together my clients and I create a contemplative atmosphere where silence, prayer/meditation, expressive writing and other tools help you access the deeper parts of yourself. In coaching, you have the chance to unlock who you were made to be, to transform your life, and to impact the world, by living into your true purpose.

I’m eager to help you listen to your body, to be present to your mind, and to help you take leaps of faith in your spiritual life. As you grow in mind, body, and spirit, you will begin to experience life at its fullest, living more connected to who you truly are. 

come from a Christian perspective, and am happy to meet with clients from any kind of background or faith. I am a mother to four wonderful kids, and have been married to my amazing husband for twenty years. Whether you are looking to cultivate your spirituality, needing help navigating chronic health issues or wanting to make big changes in your relationships, work or sense of purpose, I would be thrilled to journey with you.

Are you ready to take steps to open up who you really are and who you want to become in the years ahead? If so, contact me, at mwiegers@gmail.com, to schedule a free initial appointment.

With much joy,

Michelle Wiegers 

My Story (Part 1)