Chronic Illness Resources

Links to resources that helped heal my chronic pain and illness:

  • Unlearn Your Pain by Dr. Howard Schubiner.
  • TED Talk: Lorimer Moseley – “Why Things Hurt”, 2011
    • My experience: this was the first video I watched when healing from MBS. It was invaluable for me to see how pain originates in the brain and the power the mind has over the body. This video helped me believe what at first felt so unbelievable to me: that my pain could be rooted in traumatic emotions and not in physical illness.
  • 20/20 Segment-1999; Story of Dr. John Sarno’s work in healing chronic back pain. 
    • My experience: this 20/20 program was also one of the videos I watched when first healing from MBS. The personal stories this program follows were key for me in believing that I could actually start to tell my pain ‘no’.


More Helpful Links for Healing Chronic Illness